Innovation Heroes: Democratizing the Cloud with Google’s Omar Dajani
Season 2, Episode 3

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The pandemic forced a lot of companies to make big changes – fast. We have the cloud, open source, and a ton of amazing innovation to thank for the success and speed of this drastic shift.

But did small and medium-sized businesses evolve at the same rate as the major, large scale enterprises? Or was this cloud revolution only for the big players?

In the latest episode of Innovation Heroes, host Peter Bean explores how open cloud is creating equal opportunities for businesses large and small to keep up – and compete – in our disrupted world.

Peter is joined by Omar Dajani, Head of Solutions Engineering for Google Cloud Platform, North America. Omar points to several cloud heroes who have come out of the pandemic as proof that cloud is an equal opportunity technology. It just needs the right person in the right place to make it work.

“These are examples of individuals using public cloud technologies to make the lives of millions of people better and safer,” Omar says.

Listen now to hear how he thinks cloud will change the world, and what that future might look like someday soon.

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