Innovation Heroes: Refuting deep learning myths
Season 2, Episode 8

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Reading Time: 2 minutes

The pop culture concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is far more mystical than reality. But that’s not to say there isn’t some magic going on behind the scenes.

In the latest episode of Innovation Heroes, host Peter Bean sits down with Will Ramey, Sr. Director, Global Head of Developer Programs at NVIDIA. Together, they address some of the myths surrounding AI and deep learning, and explore exciting current and future applications of these technologies across many industries.

“Some people, maybe from the movies and books and things, might think that AI can figure out anything, and that it will eventually solve every problem in the world, right? We have some pretty big problems in front of us, like climate change, or more efficiently managing the global supply chain that gets food and medicine to all the people who need it,” says Ramey. “But these are really big and complex problems that we humans need to break down into bite-sized chunks before we can design the AI tools that will be able to perform the specific tasks that can help us solve the larger problems – and I think, more importantly, we humans need to figure out that there’s a problem, in the first place.”

Listen now to learn what innovations we can expect on the horizon for the world of deep learning and AI and the amazing impacts it is already bringing to our daily lives and businesses.

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