Innovation Heroes: Vaccines were just the beginning:
Season 2, Episode 2

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COVID-19 showed us that that most of the healthcare systems we relied on pre-pandemic were woefully ill prepared for what was coming. But with emerging AI technologies, digitization, consolidation, and an unprecedented degree of collaboration, there’s hope to be found. And plenty of it.

In the latest episode of Innovation Heroes, host Peter Bean explores the revolutionary changes happening in the healthcare industry.

Peter is once again joined by Stacey Shulman, Intel’s Vice President of the Internet of Things Group and General Manager of Health, Life Science and Emerging Technologies. Shulman believes that COVID-19 has been sparked a huge leap forward in healthcare and that all of it will advance medicine in a big way, far beyond treating the virus.

“Now we can take that learning and, with other data, combine it and start creating therapies for things like Alzheimer’s,” she says. “All of these diseases that we’ve been really trying hard to solve for, we think are ready to crack open now.”

Listen now to hear what she has learned in a year of trying to solve this crucial challenge.