Using System Observability to Improve Digital Agility:
Stratascale Horizon Report

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System observability encompasses more than just monitoring your IT systems for performance. It includes the ability to test hypotheses about emergent behavior, automate operations to increase efficiency, and understand increasingly complex business systems. Think of system observability as a capability that matures as your IT environment grows, your team gains greater understanding of business systems, and the business expands.

In this Horizon Report by Stratascale (an SHI company), our authors describe how investing in system observability tools is a proven value-add, providing benefits for end users and the business. You should start your journey by building a business case based on where you are at and where you need to go. Invest in people and processes to build up your system observability capability. With a deep understanding of your IT systems, you will be able to collaborate with design and business partners to increase your organization’s digital agility.

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