7 lessons organizations can learn from “Pokemon Go”

“Pokemon Go” is a cultural phenomenon, a way to get people outside to explore, and a textbook teaching moment for businesses. Though that last one seems far-fetched, it’s true that the game provides some valuable lessons for IT and the C-suite. If you’ve somehow avoided it until now, “Pokemon Go” is the location-based augmented reality…

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10 must-attend Microsoft webinars hosted by SHI this fall

If you want to learn a thing or two about Microsoft’s latest products, we’ve got you covered. SHI will once again hold its fall webinar series on Microsoft’s latest product and licensing options. SHI and Microsoft have collaborated over the last decade on regular webinars, which provides thousands of procurement and IT professionals an education…

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This rogue IT asset is costing you money – here’s how to spot one

It’s not every day you find $21,000 lying around your office. And no, we’re not talking about fixing improper software licensing or avoiding a ransomware attack. We’re talking about your printers. When one organization took a closer look at its printers, it uncovered 281 so-called “problem devices” – printers that were too old, too expensive,…

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4 steps to create a CIPA-compliant network for your school

This question will be on the final exam, and it’s one you don’t want to get wrong: Are you CIPA compliant? We’re talking about the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the federal legislation that requires schools and libraries to restrict access to obscene or harmful content on the internet. It’s so important that eligibility for…

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Will these product and licensing changes from Microsoft affect you?

You probably heard Microsoft is buying LinkedIn. But have you heard about MPSA’s evolution and the licensing changes for Windows Server 2016 and Office 365 (O365)? Microsoft announced a handful of adjustments to select current licensing models, as well as new suites of products, over the past several weeks. Understanding these changes will help organizations…

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