SHI launches Backup as a Service to help customers manage Big Data

Big Data can offer organizations a true competitive advantage, creating new ways to enhance their dialogue with customers and partners, evaluate and improve marketing and pricing strategies, and identify new revenue opportunities. But it also creates challenges for the IT folks tasked with storing, backing up, and protecting the massive amounts of digital information.

As the amount of data grows, and organizations also deal with accelerated virtualization, regulatory compliance, strict SLAs, and shrinking backup windows, IT departments will be forced to rethink their data backup and recovery strategies.

To better help our customers navigate this environment, SHI has partnered with EMC to create a Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution. SHI Backup as a Service is an end-to-end software and hardware backup and recovery solution that’s delivered as a self or managed service.

It combines SHI’s Management and Support Services with EMC Avamar and Data Domain to provide high-speed data deduplication, predictable performance, and simple scalability. With BaaS, organizations can cut down network bandwidth issues, reduce backup time, and keep data safe at minimal cost, without upfront expenditure.

SHI BaaS provides fast, daily full backups of physical and virtual servers, desktops, laptops, enterprise applications, and network-attached storage (NAS) servers. It easily integrates with many existing environments — Oracle, NetBackup, Microsoft, and VMware, to name a few — so organizations don’t have to worry about a major process or infrastructure change.

SHI BaaS is available in several deployment models to meet the needs of every IT department:

Multi-Tenant. For organizations interested in an off-premises solution, Avamar software agents are deployed onto customer servers, desktops, and laptops with no additional remote hardware required. Organizations can back up data over an existing WAN connection to SHI’s Multi-Tenant environment, eliminating the need for local tape backups and the risks associated with them. If your business has an existing Avamar or Data Domain appliance on premises, you can also replicate data over your network to SHI’s multi-tenant environment for disaster recovery purposes.

On-Premises. Host an Avamar or Data Domain appliance in your data center. This enables you to back up your environment on site and immediately begin replicating to the SHI Multi-Tenant environment within SHI’s Data Center.

Dedicated. If your company has strict security or compliance requirements, you can gain a dedicated appliance for exclusive use within the SHI Data Center for replication.

Our Backup as a Service video gives a good overview of the capabilities and options available with this new solution.

Which of the BaaS deployment models is most appropriate for your IT environment? Need more info? Contact us at or download our SHI Backup as a Service One Pager.


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