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Best practices to save money on software renewals, streamline IT asset management, and provide lifecycle services that support new ways of working

Microsoft 365: Maximize your investment with SHI’s 365 Insights
The fastest way to identify cost-savings and optimization opportunities on your Microsoft estate.

October 29, 2021
365 Insights includes granular reporting on M365 usage, spend and adoption and access to SHI’s licensing team.

Selecting your Microsoft partner: Why SHI is the smart choice
6 reasons to partner with SHI in 60 seconds

October 26, 2021
In 60 seconds, watch why roughly 9,000 organizations choose SHI to help them leverage Microsoft technologies.

Reduce complexity with SHI Cisco EA Management
Effective enterprise software license management reduces complexity and enables strategic alignment

October 25, 2021
Effective enterprise software license management reduces complexity and enables strategic alignment.

Building sustainability into the device lifecycle
The growing impact of sustainability on the technology supply chain

October 20, 2021
With sustainability a factor in hardware procurement, learn how SHI can build it into the device lifecycle.

Is your technology strategy optimized for resiliency?
Something for the weekend: what happens when your IT systems fail?

October 15, 2021
Facebook's recent massive outage is a reminder that we should do more to ensure organizational resiliency.

Enterprise tech M&A: What to expect during a vendor shakeup
As technology M&As pick up pace, you need to know what challenges you could face - and how SHI can help.

October 11, 2021
With tech M&A on the rise, here are 6 challenges you could face during a vendor shake-up and how SHI can help.

The great EUC device shortage continues
Prepare for the long haul with SHI's four-step device strategy

September 22, 2021
End-user device shortages continue with no clear end in sight. Be prepared with SHI’s 4-step device strategy.

Cisco Enterprise Agreements help organizations achieve outcomes
Drive agility by ditching a-la-carte software acquisition once and for all

September 21, 2021
Drive agility - and rein in costs - by ditching a-la-carte software acquisition once and for all.

Gearing your ITAM program for a world of hybrid everything
Why now’s the time to double down on ITAM and re-establish IT governance and controls

September 16, 2021
Why now’s the time to double down on ITAM and SAM and re-establish IT governance and controls for the future.

Business-led IT and the rehabilitation of ‘Shadow IT’
Shadow IT or business-led IT – which is it?

September 2, 2021
Can a change in approach to business-led IT initiatives solve the decades-old problem of shadow IT?

Microsoft 365 pricing changes: 3 important details you should know
Updated March 14, 2022

August 23, 2021
Microsoft increased its pricing for the Microsoft 365 and O365 commercial plans. Here’s what you need to know.

4 steps to delivering a modern end-user experience
The evolution of the modern workplace is redefining traditional norms and perceptions

August 19, 2021
Here are 4 steps IT can take to deliver a modern end-user experience to employees regardless of location.

How SHI is helping Essex County, NJ optimize their 365 environment

August 11, 2021
SHI helps Essex County, NJ keep Microsoft 365 licenses optimized and right-sizes their EA ahead of renewal.

Something for the Weekend: Neurodiversity and the skills gap
Could hybrid working allow neurodiversity to solve the post-COVID skills shortage?

August 6, 2021
With many organizations struggling to recruit and retain skilled employees, diversity is key to filling the gaps.

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