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Being in this business for 15 or so years has its benefits. I was reminded of a major one when I was interviewed for a blog post now appearing on being involved in the partnership between SHI and Dell.

“SHI sells hardware?” you might ask. “SHI sells Dell?”

The answers are “yes!” and “yes!” But our 23-year legacy in volume licensing expertise and a company named derived from the words “Software House International” sometimes obfuscates this reality for customers.

SHI interviewed on Direct2Dell blog

PROFITABLE PARTNERSHIP: Ed McNamara tells the SHI and Dell story.

We are particularly proud of our partnership with Dell and how far it has come over the years. I welcomed the chance to interview with Direct2Dell about what makes this relationship so mutually successful and how Dell’s growth, particularly its acquisitions (such as the recent acquisition of Quest Software) can affect companies within the IT channel.

In the mid-1990s, Dell’s growth strategy didn’t include much participation from the IT channel — but it was hard to argue with Dell’s success. After launching and booking $1 million per day in online sales in 1996 (big numbers back then), Dell tripled that number the following year and was well on its way to becoming a Fortune 200 company at just 14 years old. Dell became the largest PC manufacturer in 1999, and had its first acquisition that same year.

Previous to that acquisition, Dell’s growth had been exactly like SHI’s: completely organic. But times, technologies, and companies change.

Enter the IT channel. After launching its PartnerDirect program in 2007 and quickly signing up over 100,000 solution providers, it’s now aiming to top $5 billion in software sales by 2016.

SHI has been a big part of that growth. In the past two years, SHI’s Dell revenue has increased 130 percent to $145 million, split almost equally between our Corporate (SMB) and Enterprise/Public Sector groups.

If you’re surprised by those numbers or, more broadly, by the fact that SHI carries Dell products, don’t worry. We’re used to it! Just be sure to contact your SHI sales team to learn more about what the Dell and SHI partnership can do for you.

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