11 things SHI’s customers want to know about the future of SHI

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SHI is not a publicly traded company, so we’re under no requirement to share the details of our inner workings. But we know those things are important to our customers, and as a result, we’ve always strived to be transparent. Plus, we really don’t have anything “juicy” to hide.

But part of that transparency isn’t just talking about performance. Rather it’s where our leadership is taking the company, what our vision is for the industry, and how that impacts (and helps) our customers. Last week we had our 2012 Enterprise Sales Conference. For employees and our customers, one of the most important parts of the annual event is our CEO Thai Lee‘s keynote.

This year’s keynote was titled “Roadmap to SHI 4.0.” The 4.0 speaks to our fourth decade in business, which we will cross the threshold of in 2020. I know that might feel far off, but no company succeeds with only a short-term vision.

Here are 11 highlights from Thai’s speech that I think any SHI customer, as well as our employees, would be interested in hearing:

1. Thai projects the company will have revenue of $4.4 billion by the end of 2012, double our 2009 revenue. (Our total revenue in 2009 was $2.2 billion, which we already passed 10 days ago.)

2. Thai projects the company will have 2,000 employees by the end of the year, double the numbers of employees in 2009.

3. SHI is growing in every IT sector and has been resilient through economic ups and downs.

4. If SHI were a publicly traded company, it would be a member of the Fortune 500 by this time next year.

5. We signed Microsoft’s largest K-12 Academic Volume Licensing agreement of 2012.

6. SHI’s Polaris Renewal Organizer (PRO), a program that helps SHI proactively manage clients’ maintenance renewals of multiple software and hardware partners in an online timeline, continues to see widespread adoption.

7. Multiple large-scale hardware configurations in 2012 included the delivery of 16,000 devices to one customer and 45,000 iPads to another.

8. Multiple Software Asset Management (SAM) services engagements have saved our clients millions while simultaneously reducing their risk of non-compliance.

9. Thai reaffirmed her commitment to expanding into new markets, as proven in SHI’s recent success in the cloud computing and SMB spaces.

10. SHI will continue upgrading internal tools and systems with zero disruption to SHI’s customers.

11. SHI is more than halfway complete in the five-year plan for completely replacing and updating our ERP, CRM, and internal reporting systems.

Now, even if I didn’t work at SHI, I’d have to say that those are impressive metrics by any measure. But perhaps the most impressive metric has nothing to do with numbers, but with the core philosophy of the company. Thai said it best: “Our culture is SHI’s unfair advantage. Words like, ‘can do,’ ‘customer focus,’ ‘execution,’ and ‘trust’ have been and always will be the keys to SHI’s success.”

Our people are also an integral part of SHI’s culture and success. Check this space next week to hear from the six SHI account executives who celebrated their 20th anniversary with SHI in 2012.

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