Cisco Live preview: 4 topics to talk about

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Once again, SHI will be setting out to conquer the Cisco Live conference this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. Covering everything from security to contract and asset management, there’s going to be a lot to take in, and a lot to talk about. That’s why we’ve pulled together some of the top topics to discuss at this all-encompassing event.

We’re excited to talk about all things Cisco, but stop by SHI’s booth (#4617) for a special focus on the following four topics, plus a top-of-the-line virtual reality experience.


SMARTnet adds a lot of functionality to your Cisco setup—but if you have a lot of Cisco equipment, it can be difficult to maintain deadlines, contracts, and serial numbers. We see the complexity of the situation as a positive—proving Cisco has evolved from just a hardware supplier into a software and network provider, delivering all the pieces of your IT infrastructure. Effective management solutionsand best practices are inevitable discussions during the conference, and SHI’s unrivaled experience in contract and asset management positions us to be your lifeline around all things SMARTnet.


To protect against the all-too-frequent ransomware, malware, and DDOS attacks, Cisco is making sure you’ve got some of the best security technology to back you up. New Cisco tech, like next gen firewall functionality, advanced malware protection for endpoint devices, and Cisco Umbrella (formerly known as Open DNS), can help you contain even the most malicious threats.

For example, these new security technologies can detect irregular activity on websites and deny access if there is threat of a risk—something that could have potentially prevented the WannaCry ransomware attack from stretching as far as it did. Expect to hear a lot more about Cisco’s newest security abilities during the Cisco Live event.


Meraki’s cloud management technology simplifies how you manage IT in a way not many other platforms can. Its cloud-based portal allows for increased network visibility and remote management, and makes it possible for a business to run hundreds of sites with a minimal amount of staff, making it easier than ever to manage your IT infrastructure.

Meraki is intuitive, scalable, and simple—much easier than having to pour resources into learning and interpreting many on-premises management systems. As one of Cisco’s most successful initiatives, it’s no doubt that Meraki will continue to be part of the conversation at Cisco Live.


Collaboration has grown exponentially for Cisco with the launch of Cisco Spark Boards—a TV-like device that handles everything you would need for workplace collaboration. Spark Boards can be connected to your phone using the Cisco Spark app, enabling you to connect, cooperate, and collaborate with coworkers in an entirely new way.

The boards offer presentation features and video conferencing tools, and even “wakes up” when you enter the room, automatically connecting to your own devices as they’re sensed. It’s still a relatively new technology, so expect there to be a lot of talk about how organizations can adopt and benefit from this connectivity tool.

Discuss, learn, and play with SHI

The best way to learn more about these topics? Visit SHI for an in-depth conversation, and learn how SHI’s long and proven history of software and contract management gives our customers a unique advantage. Whether you’re looking to invest in Meraki, need help managing your SMARTnet contracts, or are simply looking for a bit of fun—the SHI booth (#4617) will feature a number of giveaways, tech toys, and virtual reality games—SHI will surely enrich your Cisco Live experience.

Learn how SHI can help you maximize your Cisco investments and sign up for a consultation at no cost to you next week at Cisco Live, June 25-29!

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