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Happy Friday! Here are the most interesting tech stories we read this week.

Dubai announces plan for passenger drone service (Read by Camillia S.)

Claustrophobics beware! This video just might trigger you. If autonomous vehicles weren’t questionable enough, Dubai plans on launching the first autonomous aerial vehicle that can get you where you need to go … assuming that destination is less than 30 minutes away. The passenger drone is basically a flying car that is smaller and slower than the ones we remember from The Fifth Element and The Jetsons (although it can reach speeds of 100 mph). Features include a built-in navigation system and a compartment for a small suitcase. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll stick to ground transportation for short distance trips and piloted air travel for longer ones.

A guide to getting past customs with your digital privacy intact (Read by Alexandria H.)

Recent travel bans and increased scrutiny at airports have introduced new questions about your right to digital privacy. Do you have to relinquish your devices if asked by a Customs and Border Protection official? Are you required to provide passwords to your social media accounts? What are the best practices to secure your mobile devices while traveling? This article answers these questions and provides sound advice on what you can do to keep your digital life private. If you’re planning on traveling out of the country soon, you may want to read this article first.

IBM and Visa want to pay from your car (Read by Heidi B.)

Just when you thought paying for things couldn’t get any easier, technology is here to blow you away yet again. This week IBM and Visa announced they’re teaming up to provide a way to pay for a variety of products and services through virtually any internet-connected device. In just a few years you may be able to make purchases directly through your shoes, washing machine, and other connected devices. There may even be a way to make payments, schedule repairs, and order replacement parts for your car – THROUGH your car! I’m interested to watch this technology – and its much-needed security – unfold.

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