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Any procurement pro embarking on a software RFx knows the success of the exercise depends on the quality of the suppliers chosen to participate. If the wrong suppliers are included, or some good suppliers omitted, the RFx may be compromised before it’s even begun.

In the software world, there are so many products available covering so many business requirements that it can be hard to narrow down which ones to include. While your internal experts will often have a good grasp of what’s available and worth examining, it’s not unusual to miss some excellent prospective vendors.

Fortunately, there are free online databases that categorize software and offer real user product reviews to simplify your product research and comparisons. None of the software review sites are perfect—for instance, several partner with or are sponsored by software publishers, which can create a biased presentation of products. But combined with other data sources, these sites can be a good starting point for your RFx research.

Here are eight websites we find the most helpful:

  • AlternativePedia – Though more limited in terms of products and browsing features than other sites, provides competitor lists within product profiles for fast comparisons.
  • AlternativeTo – Focused on consumer and developer products, the site offers rankings of products based on crowdsourced reviews.
  • Better Buys – Includes product overviews with Good/Bad/Bottom Line summaries, and allows you to download multi-vendor product comparison guides (though only after entering your contact information).
  • Capterra – One of the more advanced sites with a large and active user community, Capterra includes over 300 product categories and provides feature lists by product.
  • Crowd Reviews – Offers more product categories than any other site (about 750) and ranks products using a proprietary algorithm.
  • G2 Crowd – Boasts relatively extensive category summaries, including a Crowd Grid system to help visualize differences among products, and offers expert responses to frequently asked questions.
  • IT Central Station – Uses a unique ranking system based in part on views and social media followers, but requires you to register and log in to the site to see reviews.
  • Software Advice – Provides a useful Buyer’s Guide for each of their 90+ categories (and in many cases, subcategories), including competitive overviews for the most popular products using their FrontRunner quadrant system.

Part of SHI’s mission as a reseller is helping our customers find the products that best fit their needs. Contact your account executive if you need additional assistance in researching product alternatives or in running a RFx.

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