What’s new in Creative Cloud 2015? New ways to collaborate

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Collaboration could be Adobe Creative Cloud’s middle name: New enhancements to the powerful suite of applications give designers new ways to work together and cooperate on projects, and a new stock image collection can accelerate the workflow of designers who spend much of their day in Adobe’s photo-editing tools.

Today Adobe announced the release of Creative Cloud 2015, which not only opens up new avenues for collaboration, but delivers “a frictionless creative process” across all devices. Included in this update are new enhancements and features for Adobe’s 15 desktop apps, as well as new mobile apps for iPhone and Android. Plus, the new Adobe Stock program gives designers access to 40 million stock photos and graphics. Because Adobe is making its software more mobile-friendly, Creative Cloud 2015’s launch should prove to be a huge productivity gain for all businesses.

Adobe Creative Cloud 2015

Easier collaboration at your desk and on the go

The 2015 release of Creative Cloud gives business units new ways to work together. In Creative Cloud 2015, libraries are available in all primary design and video apps, allowing separate teams to collaborate seamlessly. This content sharing will increase productivity significantly, which will create a faster time to market for organizations. Plus, many of the products in this release get a boost of performance — some up to 10 times faster — due to back-end improvements through the mercury performance system boost. Although the mobile capabilities of Creative Cloud were introduced last year, this release includes more mobile features and tools. Android’s inclusion in this release, and legacy support for iOS, brings the powerful and inclusive workflow capabilities of Creative Cloud 2015 across all devices, regardless of mobile platform. Through this release, Android users now have access to the Shape CC, Color CC, Brush CC, and Photoshop Mix mobile applications. And the CreativeSync technology ensures that work is saved and consolidated regardless of the device being used.

40 million photos at your fingertips

Today is also the release date for Adobe Stock, the company’s stock photography subscription service that has 40 million images, graphics, and illustrations. Between 80 and 90 percent of Photoshop CC users rely on stock images in their design work, and Adobe Stock integrates its collection of images directly into the application.

This channel of stock images gives users of InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and the aforementioned Photoshop CC a built-in tool that can accelerate team workflows and simplify the process of using stock material in designs. Design teams can begin using Adobe Stock today, if they decide to purchase rights to this service.

A new offer for education customers

Lastly, Adobe has introduced an exciting promotion, valid through the end of August, for Education VIP customers. The Back-to-School offer will provide an additional 25 percent discount to customers who commit to a three-year or more purchase of Creative Cloud up front, giving them the option for additional savings and more purchasing flexibility. Coupled with the CLP Migration offer, which already rewards CLP education customers with a fixed VIP discount level, the new promotion will offer some customers savings of up to 55 percent.

Maximize productivity with Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud products — Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Flash, and others — remain powerful tools for the office’s creative types, and features released in Creative Cloud 2015 give designers new abilities to work together on projects, both through desktop software and newly released mobile apps. Enhancements to the management tools built in Creative Cloud also gives administrators greater clarity into licensing and affiliate partnerships. With faster software, collaborative libraries within products, and mobility across devices, Creative Cloud 2015 will without a doubt help organizations realize results.

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