Earth Day review: Here’s how much pollution we prevented in 2015 through asset recovery

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If you read our blog post highlighting the 5 hallmarks of successful asset recovery, you might remember why asset recovery – the proper disposal or recycling of hardware devices – is so important: It’s a versatile, economical solution that protects your organization and simplifies IT asset management.

One of the biggest advantages to asset recovery is the environmental benefits. Adopting an asset recovery program guarantees devices are responsibly disassembled and recycled, and the precious metals, toxic materials, and extra components aren’t dumped in a landfill. If you throw those same devices in a standard garbage can, they end up feeding the growing global environmental issue of e-waste.

E-waste contains various hazardous metals that can harm the human immune, nervous, and reproductive systems, as well as pollute the air, water, and soil. By handing off end-of-life devices to an asset recovery provider, you are not only protecting the environment but the rest of humanity as well.

Earth Day review of asset recovery

How does SHI help?

Asset recovery isn’t just something we care about on Earth Day – our team of EPA-certified asset recovery specialists helped organizations save over $1.4 million in resources in 2015.

What does that impact look like in terms of numbers? Here are the resources our Asset Recovery Services helped organizations conserve, and how many toxic materials we kept out of landfills in 2015:


In addition to helping our customers recycle, we also enable our community to protect the environment. Throughout the year, SHI hosts public electronics recycling events all across the nation, including an event this Friday (Earth Day) at our headquarters in Somerset, New Jersey. These public events are just as successful as our professional Asset Recovery Services; at the last event, over 9,000 pounds of equipment was collected and responsibly disposed of.

Want to contribute to the statistics? Contact your SHI representative today to learn more about how Asset Recovery Services and recycling events can help your organization protect the environment and streamline its hardware inventory.

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