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The SHI Guide to Zero Touch

SHI’s Zero Touch is the modern endpoint management solution for the remote-everything era.

4 steps to optimize your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement: eBook

Get a 4-step plan to create and execute an effective strategy for managing your Microsoft EA renewal.

Create a UCC strategy for the Hybrid Workforce

SHI’s eBook to creating a UCC strategy that’s built for the hybrid workforce.

The Great End-User Device Shortage of 2021

Execute an effective EUC Device procurement strategy that overcomes the global shortage in devices!

The SHI Guide to Azure Landing Zones

The complete guide to Azure Landing Zones and building them into a cloud migration or adoption plan.

Top 3 Security Initiatives for 2021: eBook

An eGuide to Supporting Your Hybrid Workforce from the cybersecurity experts at SHI

eBook: Three Critical Experiences to Transform your Organization

See how collaboration and communication technologies are improving workplace, employee and customer experiences